Pedestrian Friendly City

The Master plan proposes a well connected network for non motorized transport along the green and blue corridors of the city. This network will encourage green modes of non motorized transports such as bicycles, skates, segways, etc.

Water Networked City

The master plan ensures protection of all the existing rivers and water bodies and integrates them into the proposed green and blue network. These nature areas occupy about 6,270 Ha of the total land area within the Capital city.

Long Term Planning

The Longterm Planning is done in two segments:The Concept Plan and the Master Plan.

Concept Plan

This guides Amaravati Capital City Development over the next 30 to 40 years, and covers strategic land use and transportation. It ensures that their is sufficient land avaliable to meet the needs of long-term population and economic growth, balanced with a quality living environment. The concept plan is reviewed every 10 years.

Master Plan

The Master Plan translates the broad, long-term strategies set out in the Concept Plan into more detailed plans for implementation. It specifies permissible land use and densities, with the aim of guiding development over the next 10 to 15 years. The Master Plan is reviewed every five years.

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